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Posted March 06, 2016 by Jay Waldenmeyer. Category : All Pets

As I write this blog, the finishing touches are being put on our website so that we can launch our Paw Party.......

Believe it or not, our journey began with a spark several years ago and has culminated into the vision you see today. This vision is to provide a simple way for pet owners to share gifts with their favorite pets.


First, we went about creating a whimsically designed pair of boxes (one for dogs and the other for cats) as a vehicle for sharing the exciting pet products we have selected. The process was a lot of fun, and we think you will find each box an attractive way to deliver a pet gift. In fact, we think it's one you don't even have to wrap.


Then we got to work on our website. We wanted it to be simple, appealing and interactive. We think we found a way to be all three. The process for selecting your pet type, pet size and package type only takes a few clicks. You are then invited to drag and drop your product selections into an illustrated version of our Paw Party Gift Box. Once you complete this part of the experience, you are directed to the business end of our site where you can check out, or you may elect to add more boxes, or possibly a gift certificate.


The journey is not yet complete!


The best part is when your Paw Party Gift Box arrives, and you can revel in the excitement of sharing the Gift Box with your favorite pet. If you elected to send a box to a friend or colleague, you can wait anxiously until you are peppered with Thank Yous from the unsuspecting recipient.


There are many reasons one might want to share a Paw Party Gift Box. They include pet birthdays, pet adoption days, new pets, colleague gifts, housewarming presents and almost any holiday where a pet gift is in order.


Simply put, we want to be your go to place when considering a gift for a cat or a dog.

We are excited to earn your customer loyalty. We know we have not thought of everything, so we encourage everyone to share their thoughts, concerns, ideas, suggestions and even accolades with us so we can make this the best Paw Party ever.



Chris and Jay


(Chris is pictured with his Boxer, Cash and Jay is pictured with his two English Bulldogs, Bubba and Puddin) 

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