Frequently Pawed Questions

General Questions

What is Paw Party?

Paw Party is a specialized pet gifting company (utilizing our custom designed party box). We aim to bring happiness to pets and pet owners everywhere.

Whether you are rewarding a favorite pet during a special occasion (birthday, Christmas, Hanukah, Valentine's Day, or just because), or giving a gift to a good friend or client for their beloved pet, we assist you with that effort.

Based in Kansas City, we search the world to find fun, healthy and inspiring products aimed to assist in making your pet happy and healthy.

What is the Paw Party privacy policy?

Your privacy is important to Paw Party. We are committed to responsible use of any information you provide us for account set up and maintenance. Please read our privacy policy describing how we use your information.

What is included with a Paw Party Gift Box?

This is entirely up to you. Fill your fabulous and fun to give Gift Box with the pre-set number of items from our wide selection coinciding with the package size you select and then simply close your box and we will ready it for shipping. Remember, you can always add Luxe items to a gift box or even start by selecting the all Luxe product box from the start.

Can I add "Paw Luxe" items to a small or large Gift Box package?

Yes, you can add "Paw Luxe" items to any Gift Box on an ala carte basis. Just remember each gift box can accommodate a maximum of seven items. Therefore, you can add up to 4 "Paw Luxe" items to a small package and up to 2 to a large package.

Can I comprise my Gift Box of only Paw Luxe items?

Yes, simply select the Luxe Box option and then select 1-7 items from our selection of Paw Luxe products. You must select a minimum of 1 item and a maximum of 7.

What if I want to fill my Gift Box with more than 7 items?

At this time, our boxes are designed to ship with a maximum of 7 items per box. If you want to select more than 7 items, or if you are buying for more than one lucky pet, we have the solution. Simply fill out your shipping information for the box you just completed and click done. From there you will be prompted to check out, instead just click to add another Gift Box or even a Gift Cetificate. You can repeat this process as many times as you wish prior to checking out.

Does pet size play a part in what items my pet will receive?

Yes, absolutely. From a kitten to a mature cat, or a puppy to a full grown dog, our step by step selection process will ensure your gift box is filled with items that are size appropriate for your pet.

Can I purchase or send a Gift Certificate?

Of course! Just select 'Send a Gift Certificate' as your option from the home page. The Gift Certificate will be supplied to the recipient via email and will be suitable to print. It will contain a voucher code that can be redeemed on our site for the $ amount selected.

If sending as a gift can I include a personal message?

Yes, of course you can. Your gift message will appear on the reverse side of our Paw Party Thank You Card, included in the box.

Can I modify what is in a Paw Party Gift Box once it's in my shopping cart?

Sorry, once a box is in the shopping cart the items in the box cannot be modified. If you determine you are not satisfied with the contents of a box that is already in the shopping cart we recommend you click the red X, thus deleting that box from the cart restart the box building process by adding items you are more interested in. Thanks, and happy box building.

Shipping and Tracking Questions

Where does Paw Party ship?

We ship to all 50 U.S. States.

When will custom gift boxes ship?

Paw Party gift boxes ship either the day of, or the day following the placement of your order. This depends on the time of day you place your order.

Do I have shipping options?

Yes, custom gift boxes ships standard via USPS Priority Mail at no additional cost.

Paw Party also offers USPS Priority Mail Express as an option for overnight delivery per USPS rules. This option will incur an additional charge. Make sure to include the recipients phone numbers if you elect to utilize the overnight delivery option.

Can I track my Paw Party shipment?

Absolutely! Once your Paw Party Box ships it will be assigned a tracking number. We will send you an automated email notifying you that your goodies are on their way, and a Proof of Shipment/Delivery Confirmation link for your convenience. In addition, you can access your tracking number online by signing into your account.

Where is my package? I want to have a Paw Party!

Shucks! If your package appears to be delayed, first try the tracking solutions described above. If this does not work and you have waited beyond the arrival expectations listed, please contact us and we will make sure to expedite a resolution.

Why don't you leave my Gift Box at my door?

Paw Party Gift Boxes with standard shipping are shipped USPS Priority Mail. This service has been found to be the most reliable and cost effective option available.

The USPS calls this rate service Priority Mail. This means your postal worker may now require you to be home to retrieve your Paw Party package, and if they can't redeliver, you'll need to pick your Priority Mail package up at the post office.

Just a tip: You can schedule a redelivery, and add a note with instructions, via the USPS website! Keep in mind you must have your tracking number ready when filling out the USPS redelivery form online.

Return Policies

What if I am not happy with an item I received in my Paw Party Box?

We want you and your pet to be happy!

If your pet is not satisfied with an item you selected for a Gift Box please contact us and we will determine the appropriate solution along with your input. Options include replacing the product with the same item, selecting a different product or simply offering you a credit. In some cases we may require that you return the unwanted item to us. If so, this return will be at no cost to you.

Managing Your Account

How do I sign in to my Paw Party account if I forget my password?

Please follow below steps to reset your password.
1) Go to the home page at
2) On the top right, click LOG IN.
3) Click forgot password?
4) Enter your registered email address and click SUBMIT.
5) A link to reset your password will be sent to your email, follow the instructions in the email.

What things can I control when signed in to my account?

You can control your name, address, email address (the primary way we communicate with you), multiple shipping addresses and various payment options.

Where can I find my order history?

Simply log into your account on the Paw Party site and click the My Account button on the drop down under your account name. You are now on your account management page. Once here click the "blue" Order History button and you will see a complete listing of your order history including Gift Certificates.

Billing Questions

When will I be billed for my order?

You are billed when you place your order at checkout. When you click checkout you will be billed for your full Gift Box order including any applicable shipping charges.

What are my payment options?

We accept most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard or Discover), which are processed via our secure servers through

Other Stuff (Wholesale, Opportunities, Charity, Monthly Contest, Etc.)

How do I enter the monthly Gift Box coloring contest?

This contest is open to anyone who decorates and/or colors one of our Gift Boxes. To enter, 1) LIKE our Facebook Page and 2) post a photo including the "decorated" box and the lucky pet.

Once a month a contest winner will be slected. The winner will receive a Paw Party Gift Box chuck full of fantastic items selected by our staff at Paw Party headquarters.

Monthly winners will be announced on the Paw Party page on Facebook and on the Paw Party website. In addition, the announcement may be shared on other social media outlets.



Do you offer a wholesale program?

Yes, we are happy to work with you and your team to assemble fantastic and customized wholesale gift boxes. The Paw Party boxes are great for customer apprciation gifts (think dog and cat grooming, pet boardingbusinesses and corporate events). Our minimum is twenty-five boxes and our sales team would be happy to build a package for you.

Do you have employment opportunities where I can join the Paw Party?

Paw Party is a fast growing company and we are always looking for energetic and talented dog and cat lovers to join the team. Please send us an email at you have an interest in joining the Paw Party team.

I want to share something with the Paw Party!!!!!

We are open to your ideas:

If you would like Paw Party to consider a fantastic cat or dog charity letts us know at

If you think Paw Party should be handling a particular product send us an email at

If you want to share pictures of your dog or cat enjoying a Paw Party experience or any other day of fun and enjoyment, we encourage you to share with us via Twitter, Instagram, Pinterestm and Facebook.